Our Newest Digital Home: SM Appliance Center Treats Kapampangans With An Exemplary Shopping Experience

Our Newest Digital Home: SM Appliance Center Treats Kapampangans With An Exemplary Shopping Experience
April 24, 2018 BRIKK
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Our Newest Digital Home: SM Appliance Center Treats Kapampangans With An Exemplary Shopping Experience


It’s true what they say, they’ve got it all for you. And they made it even better this time. Get ready to be #WOWEDatSMAppliance with its revamped look at SM City Pampanga. Experience a new digital home with the newly designed store highlighting the most innovative products.

As we entered the homey vibe of the store during the launch, we were welcomed by the attractive environment and cozy ambiance which made browsing more convenient and relaxed.

Kapampangans are well-given a remarkable shopping journey, most especially with the selected appliances that are made first available at the SM City Pampanga branch at the store launch.


There’s more to love about SM Appliance Center at SM City Pampanga’s new look:

  • Wood + Greens = A Modern Yet Homey Ambiance. In a departure from the usual industrial feel
    associated with appliance stores, the new SM Appliance Center’s use of warm timber slatted finishes in its
    sloping ceiling at the entrance creates a warm and inviting feeling, much like that of arriving home.
  • An Easy and Exciting Customer Journey.  The main display area, with a striking and illuminated
    geometric ceiling draws the shoppers into the main display area.  Here, the custom designed displays and
    consistent stylish
    illuminated signage make it easy for customers to navigate and find the product they are looking
  • The Best and Most Trusted Brands Plus Great Service.In the store, customers can find the best and
    most trusted brands in the industry as well as the latest and greatest gadgets and appliances fresh from the
    manufacturers. SM Appliance Center has long been known not only for great value, but also for its great
  • Innovative Showcases.  The unique circular display units with cell phones and small devices are a
    welcoming break along the customer journey, offering discovery and access to the latest gadgets and devices.
  • Lifestyle Kitchen Counters.Filipinos are known to be foodies, especially in Pampanga, the Culinary Capital of the Philippines.
    The new look of the store features lifestyle kitchen counter set-ups with refrigerators, ovens, cooking ranges and chimney and range hoods – giving shoppers ideas on how
    these will look in their homes, and how they can build their dream kitchens.
  • A Cool, Colorful Mini Lounge.Shoppers can take a short break at the store’s mini lounge with a vibrant yellow finish that creates a high contrast from the appliances.
  • Amazing Appliances First Found in Pampanga.  SM Appliance has selected special products that will be available first in Pampanga
    for the launch.  These include a new side-by-side Samsung Ref in gold tone and a Samsung 82 inch 4K Ultra HD TV.
  • Brikk – Exclusive for Kapampangans.  The newly designed store will also feature a showcase of the brand Brikk, which carries
    retro designed refrigerators and microwave ovens, exclusive to SM Appliance Pampanga.

Be  #WOWEDatSMAppliance.  Visit the newly designed SM Appliance Center located at the Ground Floor of SM City Pampanga.

Know more about the country’s top reseller of home appliances known for carrying the most up-to-date gadgets and quality brands in the industry:


SOURCE: http://thesocialphile.com/our-newest-digital-home-sm-appliance-center-treats-kapampangans-with-an-exemplary-shopping-experience/

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